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As a part of the Library's support of coursework at SCU, the Archives and Special Collections Department offers teaching sessions during which students are introduced to source materials - manuscripts and books, rare and beautifully printed - from our collections. The experience of physically viewing and handling these items can be a powerful one, but, as they are often in a fragile condition, we also offer online versions of these works for reading and examining outside the Reading Room.

This group of books focuses on 18th and 19th Century travel narratives, fiction and non-fiction, with themes of ocean voyages, strange new lands, shipwrecks, and pirates - subjects that excited the imaginations of readers of the day.

Click the link to read the book in a PDF version, or browse the collection to examine full-sized images of the pages to get a better sense of the printing, illustration, and bindings.



A Voyage Round the World in the Years
by George Anson
G530 .B7 1820



Narrative of a voyage to the South Seas
by George Anson, Esquire, and Richard Walter,
Chaplain of His Majesty's Ship the Centurion.
With charts of the Southern Part of South America,
of Part of the Pacific Ocean, and of the track
of the Centurion round the world.

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An Authentic Narrative of the Shipwreck
and Sufferings of Mrs. Eliza Bradley
by Eliza Bradley
 G530 .B7 1820



The crew and Passengers of the Ship Sally fell
into the hands of the Arabs, a few days after
their Shipwreck, among whom unfortunately
was Mrs. Bradley, who, after enduring incredible
hardships during six months captivity (five of which
she was separated from her husband and every other
civilized being) she was fortunately redeemed out
of the hands of the unmericiful barbarians, by
Mr. Willshire, the British Consul, resident at Mogadore.

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Alternate version of An Authentic Narrative of the Shipwreck
and Sufferings of Mrs. Eliza Bradley

Although this volume was published by the same publisher in the same year as the one above,
it differs from the above version. Starting at page 85 of this book (page 87 of the above), the
descriptions of 'Arabia' and 'Arabians' are different. 


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A Voyage to the South Seas in the Years 1740-41
John Bulkeley & John Cummin
F3146 .B92 1743



A voyage to the South-Seas with the proceedings
and conduct of the officers and crew, and the hardships
they endured in the said island for the space of five months;
their bold attempt for liberty in coasting the Southern part
of the vast region of Patagonia; setting out with upwards
of eighty souls in their boats; the loss of the Cutter;
their passage through the Straights of Magellan, Brazil,
Rio Grand; their passage on board a Portuguese ship
to Lisbon; and their return to England.


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A Collection of Voyages and Travels
by Anshawm Churchill
Folio G160 .C56 1744


A Collection of Voyages and Travels, Some now first Printed
from Original Manuscripts, Others now first Published
in English. In Six Volumes. To which is prefixed,
An Introductory Discourse (supposed to be written
by the Celebrated Mr. Locke) intitled, The whole
History of Navigation from its Original to this Time.
Illustrated with near Three Hundred Maps and Cuts,
curiously Engraved on Copper.

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A Voyage to the Pacific Ocean
by James Cook
Folio G420 .C69 1784

cook Voyage to the Pacific Ocean


Voyage to the Pacific Ocean by Captains Cook, Clerk,
and Gore in His Majesty's ships the Resolution and
Discovery in the years 1776-80. Illustrated with maps
and charts, from the original drawings made by
Lieut. Henry Robers, under the direction of Captain Cook;
and with a great variety of portraits of persons, view of
places, and historical representations of remarkable
incidents, drawn by Mr. Webber during the voyage, and
engraved by the most eminent artists.


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Journal of Voyages by Captain Jacob Dunham
by Jacob Dunham
G530 .D91 1850



Journal of Voyages: Containing an account of the Author's
being twice captured by the English and once by Gibbs the
Pirate; his narrow escape when chased by an English war
schooner; as well as his being cast away and residing with
Indians. To which is added some account of the soil,
products, laws and customs of Chagres, the Musquitto Shore,
and St. Blas, at the Isthmus of Darien.


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Narrative of a Voyage to the South Seas
by Charles Medyett Goodridge
G530 .P88 1843



Narrative of a voyage to the South Seas, and the shipwreck
of the Princess of Wales cutter, with an account of two years
residence on an uninhabited island, by Charles Meedyett
Goodridge, of Paignton, Devon, one of the survivors.


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An Account of the Voyages undertaken in the Southern Hemisphere
by John Hawkesworth
G420.C65 H3 1773



An account of the voyages undertaken by the order of
His Present Majesty, for making discoveries in the Southern
Hemisphere, and successively performed by Commodore
Byron, Captain Wallis, Captain Carteret, and Captain Cook,
in the Dolphin, the Swallow, and the Endeavour; drawn up
from the journals which were kept by the several
commanders, and from the papers of Joseph Banks, Esq.


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The Life and Voyages of George Alexander Lovett
by George Alexander Lovett (pseudonym)
PR975 .L947 1820



A brief account of the life, voyages, shipwreck,
and adventures of George Alexander Lovett
beginning in the year 1779.


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The Surprising Adventures and Sufferings of John Rhodes,
a Seaman of Workington
by John Rhodes
F1434 .R472 1799




The surprising adventures and sufferings of John Rhodes,
a seaman of Workington. Containing an account of his
captivity and cruel treatment during eight years with the
Indians, and five years in different prisons amongst the
Spaniards in South-America. By a gentleman perfectly
acquainted with the unfortunate sufferer.


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Cast Away, or, the Island Bride
by Roger Starbuck
PS2908.S73 G64 1866



A romance of the "Enchanted Isles" - a novelette about
a cast away on an island in the South Pacific Ocean.


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